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Episode 09 / Susan Story: Cancer survivor, writer, skydiver, swimmer of the Puget Sound

My next guest has been living with, and more accurately, thriving with a terminal cancer diagnosis since 2002. In this episode, we'll discuss the numerous and creative ways she refuses to let the diagnosis kill her.

And then, she will share what cancer has taught her and what kinds of inventive ways she expresses herself as a result.

I first met my guest in 2011 when she donned a Wonder Woman outfit and marched in a Seattle area parade to promote a non-profit organization that raised funds for bucket wishes for children dealing with cancer.

Since then, she's written articles for her blog, jumped out of airplanes 40 times, even after she broke her back in a skydiving accident, climbed nearly every peak in Washington State and now, she swims in the frigid waters of the Puget Sound.

I'd like to introduce Susan Story to InSpiris Audio Magazine.

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Intro narration: MacKenzie Webster

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The Current Word

InSpiris Audio Magazine - I am a busy man.

Hello Listeners.

I am a one-man-band as it were. Producing this podcast is at the minimum, a part-time gig.

With launching a small business, I've realized time as a precious commodity and I may soon seek an assistant to manage some of the tasks I've been doing.

On top of that, my novel has been languishing. I'm sure my main character is wondering where the heck I went when so many bad things were happening. It must be tough to be in a pause. I know I'm not in such a predicament.

Even so, I'm seeking guests to interview. I look forward to making new friends here at InSpiris Audio Magazine.

In the mean time, when I'm not thinking of other things, I'm considering what kinds of new content I can produce to measure up to the vision I have for InSpiris Audio Magazine.

As I said in this current episode, I look forward to your feedback on how to make this an even better show.

Thanks for listening.

Released August 9, 2021

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Meet the Host - Spencer Webster

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Spencer Webster is a novelist, a storyteller and a retired U.S. Navy Sailor. He also has a million zillion creative ideas and never enough time to make them all a reality.

So he's diving down on a few prioritized goals and InSpiris Audio Magazine is one of them.

He wants to learn what is creativity to other people and wants to share stories about what he finds.

Spencer Webster is the author of Island of the Lost Soul, a book for sale on Kindle.

He believes in the magic of inspiration and imagination and is confident there are a lot of people who might share their magic with him, and in turn with you.

Spencer lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife.

About I.A.M.

Creativity. InSpiration. Imagination.

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