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    InSpiris Audio Magazine Meeting Friends - Mutual Admiration Society

    Summer is fully here in the Pacific Northwest. I'll be heading out on some motorcycle adventures today after I post my latest episode, where I interview Kristi Ann Mills. We met when she hired my wife Gillian to work at her Mermaid boutique in downtown Key West.

    For a decade, it had been a dream for she and I to winter over on the diminutive island. And we decided to look for part time jobs while we were there.

    We believe in manifestation, energy and making things happen. It just so happens, so does Kristi. Gillian introduced me to Kristi and after that, we had made it into the inner circle of Key West awesome citizenry. This woman opened her door and her heart to us and we're forever grateful.

    I hope you'll enjoy the interview as much I did.

    Enjoy your summer, wherever you are; smile at the world around you, be kind and always keep swimming toward your dreams.

    Thanks Kristi!

    Released July 11, 2021

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    InSpiris Audio Magazine hones its craft - I mean I'm honing my skills

    As I get further along this podcast path, I'm finding the process of honing my skills not only vital but fun as well. I enjoy learning new minor skills that make the episodes more listener-friendly.

    This is almost a requirement - the fun-factor - because for the number of times I listen to each episode, removing mouth breathing or popped P's or ums or who sections of silly questions I asked that ultimately did not add to the story of my guests is numerous.

    The effort is worth it, however and it is my sincerest hope that you enjoy the episodes as much as I had in producing them.

    My listener-ship is still in the beginning phases. I envision that one - hopefully sooner rather than later, enough of you find this podcast inspiring and share it with your friends.

    Released June 27, 2021

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    InSpiris Audio Magazine is working toward sound improvement!

    As I get more familiar with my recording and production routine, I'm able to see improvements. Sound quality is important to me. Editing these episodes makes me realize how much hearing-abled people rely on the sensing of sound.

    It's also the reason I'm being rather picky about my recording booth that I'm still working on. I'm getting closer though.

    What are some creative goals you're working on? Let me know by sending me a comment to my contact me page.

    Released June 14, 2021

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    InSpiris Audio Magazine is always a work-in-progress!

    I asked my first guest, Randy, if he thought he was creative during a recent conversation about riding adventure motorcyles this summer. He said 'Of Course!'.

    So I invited him to speak, on microphone, about his ideas about creativity. This is a rollicking hour plus where he regaled me (Energetically) with story after story about his time in the Army and the people who inspired him.

    While I've been struggling with website coding, getting each component to work correctly, I'd go back and continue editing the current episode. It doesn't matter how many times I've listened to it, I still laugh my ass off. I hope you do too.

    Released May 2, 2021

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    InSpiris Audio Magazine releases first interview episode!

    I have spent the majority of a month every night after work and on weekends designing, learning HTML and CSS coding and there is still much to learn.

    It's been an interesting ride honestly and I've had to put episode editing down near the bottom of my priority list.

    But now the site is live and though I have tweaks to do still, I'm pretty excited about the end result.

    And now on to the meat and potatoes of InSpiris Audio Magazine, the stories, the conversations, the inspiring people.

    Please consider subscribing to my channel at Red Circle( My inaugural episode is there and you can find out what InSpiris Audio Magazine will be all about.

    In the next few weeks, I'll distribute the podcast to other platforms and when I do, you'll hear about it here in the blog.

    Released April 25, 2021